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Bilder aus Osten/Schumann

Six years after their Stravinsky/Debussy video project, the Labèque sisters and Tal have found an exciting new opportunity to collaborate again. Originally conceived by Düsseldorf's Schumannfest, Bilder aus Osten (Pictures from the East) is a unique four-hands piece by Schumann; dated from 1848, it presents an engaging set of variations on a theme in six consecutive vignettes, that share a strong internal infrastructure. More images from the show can be seen here.

Bilder aus Osten/Schumann
Bilder aus Osten/Schumann

© Schumannfest Duesseldorf/Susanne Diesner

Format: HD, approx. 20 min.

Music by Robert Schumann.
Pianos: Katia and Marielle Labèque.
Directed by Tal Rosner.

Commissioned by Schumannfest Düsseldorf, Germany 2012.

Above: Bilder aus Osten (excerpt), 4. Nicht Schnell, on Vimeo.

World Premiere (live version): 29 May 2012
Pianos: Katia and Marielle Labèque/Düsseldorf Tonhalle/Germany.