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In collaboration with American artist Casey Reas, Tal has produced a site-specific digital mural for the new Frank Gehry-designed New World Center in Miami. Created for the building's 7,000-square-foot exterior projection wall, this large-scale installation takes its inspiration directly from the architecture of the new building and the surrounding historical Art Deco neighbourhood of Miami Beach. Punctuated by hourly videographic events marking the start of each hour, and achieved by altering aspects of the work's choreography - detail, pacing, palette, rhythm, geometry, and pattern - the custom-written software not only creates periodic cycles, but also generates an ever-changing visual experience over time for new and repeat visitors, regardless of the time, the day, or the season. The Chronograph Wall has been running every evening since January 2011.

Format: Digital Art Mural, Software based HD Animation.

A collaboration with Casey Reas and Gehry Partners, LLP.

Commissioned by the New World Symphony, America’s Orchestral Academy, for the opening of the New World Center, USA 2011.

Chronograph Chronograph Chronograph

Above: the Chronograph during it's first week.

Chronograph Launch: 25 January 2011.

Chronograph Chronograph

Above: Chronograph design process - compositions and sketches.