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Classical/Contemporary Music


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Large Scale Installation (outdoors)




Stepping into the social minefield that is 21st century dating, Dates is a series of intimate and dramatic two (or sometimes three) handers, telling the story of a date and—as their individual stories begin to intertwine and unfold—the people who meet on it. Commissioned to create the logo, graphic language and Title Sequence for the show, with an original song by singer-songwriter Hannah Peel, Tal takes the viewer on an introspective day-come-night journey through London's familiar, yet multi-faceted panoramas. Utilising his characteristic bold colour schemes and hyper-intricate graphics, he peels onion-skins off street corners, vistas and crowds, and melds them into a distinctive and vibrant digital jigsaw puzzle.


Format: HD, 25 sec.

Dates theme music by Hannah Peel.
Director, Editor and After Effects: Tal Rosner.
DoP: Adam Woodhall.

Commissioned by Balloon Entertainment for Channel 4, UK 2013.

Above: Episode 1 (David & Mia) on Vimeo.

Original Air Date: 10 June 2013.