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In Seven Days

In Seven Days Piano Concerto with Moving Image is a multi-media piece for piano, orchestra and six video screens. A collaboration with composer Thomas Adès, the piece follows the Genesis tale of creation. The visuals in the piece are the result of an in-depth documentation of the recent re-generation of the Royal Festival Hall in London, threaded with footage and photographs of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles (the two places equally responsible for the work's commission). The original pictures are rendered into complex narrative abstractions that introduce new figurative forms.

In Seven Days

Format: 6 synchronised DV Channels or 1 HD (split-screen), 29 min.

The piece is constructed of 7 movements, which are played continuously:
1. Chaos - Light - Dark.
2. Separation of the waters into sea and sky.
3. Land - Grass - Trees.
4. Stars - Sun - Moon.
FUGUE: 5. Creatures of sea and sky - 6. Creatures of the land.
7. Contemplation.

Music by Thomas Adès.

Commissioned by The Southbank Centre London and the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association, UK-USA 2008.

Above: Day 1 (excerpt), QuickTime, 10.7mb.

World Premiere: 28 April 2008/Conducted by Thomas Adès with the London Sinfonietta and Nicolas Hodges (Piano)/Royal Festival Hall/London/UK. 
North American Premiere: 27 May 2008/Conducted by Thomas Adès with the Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and Nicolas Hodges (Piano)/Walt Disney Concert Hall/Los Angeles/USA. 
European Premiere: 5 September 2008/Conducted by Thomas Adès with the Netherlands Radio Symphony Orchestra and Nicolas Hodges (Piano)/Amsterdam Muziekgebouw/The Netherlands.