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Lachen Verlernt

A visual interpretation of Esa-Pekka Salonen’s solo violin work. Using images of power cables reminiscent of the violin's strings, Tal plays with compositions stretching and expanding together with the instrument. But inside, a different world - chaotic and wild - electric currents making their way to our homes, secretly carrying charged magnetic energy. Images of a city-scape at night, all blurred and shaken, are showing us the way. The lines become alive, trembling in the dark, pulsating to the rhythm and the speed. Examining the distance between the two, the far and close-up, the structured and the wild, is inherently the core of the video piece.

Lachen VerlentLachen Verlent
Lachen Verlent

Format: HD, 9 min 45 sec.

Music by Esa-Pekka Salonen.
Violin: Jennifer Koh.

Commissioned by Jennifer Koh, Cedille Records, Oberlin Conservatory, 92nd Street Y and Carolina Performing Arts, UK-USA 2009.

Above: Lachen Verlernt (excerpt), QuickTime, 8.4mb.

Released commercially as part of Rhapsodic Musings: 21st century works for solo violin (© Cedille Records, 2009).

World Premiere (live version): 29 October 2009/Violin: Jeniffer Koh/Oberlin Conservatory of Music Ohio/USA.
World Premiere (screening): 22 April 2009/Tribeca Film Festival/Experimental Collisions Section/New York/USA.