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One of America's greatest poets, Langston Hughes was a social activist and early innovator of jazz poetry. In "In Time of Silver Rain: Seven Poems by Langston Hughes", composer Lior Rosner (who amongst other things is Tal's brother!) uses his music to liberate Hughes' words from the boundaries of historical context. Rosner's modern settings challenge us to consider the contemporary relevance of Hughes' frank and often searing meditations on the universal themes of oppression, loss, frustration and love.

Featuring world renowned soprano Janai Brugger.

Shadows Shadows

Format: HD, 2 min 25 sec.

Composed by Lior Rosner.
Soprano: Janai Brugger.
Directed by Tal Rosner.

UK-USA 2013.

Above: Shadows on YouTube.

Release Date (Online/Worldwide): 20 February 2012.

Film unit credits:
Editing and After Effects: Tal Rosner.
DoP: Adam Woodhall.
Dancers: Cameron McMillan and Fiona Merz.