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Skins Series 1

A BAFTA-award winning title sequence, Skins is a groundbreaking British youth drama which immediately became a cult in the UK and Europe. Commissioned to develop the entire on-screen graphic identity (logo, titles, bumpers etc.), Tal designed a mischievous, speedy collage of characters and unpredictable features of Bristol, the city where the plot is set. Each of the title sequences has a different ending, highlighting the particular character or characters to be the focus of that episode.

Skins Series 1Skins Series 1

Format: DV, 30 sec. 

Skins theme music by Segal

Commissioned by Company Pictures for Channel 4/E4, UK 2007. 

Above: Episode 1 (Tony), QuickTime, 2.7mb.

Original Air Date: 25 January 2007.