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Skins Series 2

Second series follow-up to the BAFTA-award winning title sequence for the Channel 4 series. With a new mix of the theme music Tal takes a more typographic approach using close-ups of the logo font letters to create all the transitions between the edits. The sequence shoot took place in Bristol, UK, and this time was also directed by Tal, allowing a much greater freedom in choosing locations and inventing scenarios for character interaction. Once again each of the 10 episode title sequences has a different ending highlighting the particular character or characters to be the focus of that episode.

Skins Series 2Skins Series 2

Format: HDV, 30 sec.

Skins theme music by Segal.
Directed by Tal Rosner.
DOP: Jack Clough.

Commissioned by Company Pictures for Channel 4/E4, UK 2008.

Above: Episode 5 (Chris), QuickTime, 3.1mb.

Original Air Date: 11 February 2008.