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Skins Series 3

Third season of the BAFTA-award winning title sequence for the Channel 4 series. With a brand new set of characters this is a development of the rapid collage of shots with a fresh architectural twist. A new set of locations in Bristol included the rooftop of a car park overlooking the city and skateboard parks with graffiti. The title shoot was once again imagined by Tal, maintaining the system of different ends highlighting the main characters for each episode.

Skins Series 3Sunday Morning

Format: HD, 30 sec.

Skins theme music by Segal.
Directed by Tal Rosner.
DOP: Jack Clough.

Commissioned by Company Pictures for Channel 4/E4, UK 2009.

Above: Episode 1 (Everyone), QuickTime, 2.9mb.

Original Air Date: 22 January 2009.