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Skins Series 4

The fourth season of the BAFTA-award winning title sequence for the Channel 4 series, the emphasis this year being on panoramic shots of Bristol with action shots of the characters interspersed with cuts of urban textures and primary colours. The etching line effect running through the sequence is in fact a laser beam recorded in a studio that was then further manipulated. Different endings highlight the main characters for each episode.

Skins Series 4Skins Series 4

Format: HD, 30 sec.

Skins theme music by Segal.
Directed by Tal Rosner.
DOP: Jack Clough.

Commissioned by Company Pictures for Channel 4/E4, UK 2010.

Above: Episode 1 (Thomas), QuickTime, 2.8mb.

Original Air Date: 28 January 2010.