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Skins Series 5

The fifth season of the BAFTA-award winning title sequence for the Channel 4 series. This year, for the 3rd time - an entirely new cast is introduced. The main objective in the 5th season titles was to feature the new set of characters, whilst rooting them in the already-existing Skins world. Exterior locations vary from the Bristol channel muddy marches to a car scrap yard, combined with interior shots of bedrooms and sunrise-timelapse. An additional element is the projection of the Skins graphics on the actors in a studio, which was then edited into the sequence. Different endings again highlight the main characters for each episode.

Skins Series 5Skins Series 5

Format: HD, 30 sec.

Skins theme music by Segal.
Directed by Tal Rosner.
DOP: Adam Woodhall.

Commissioned by Company Pictures for Channel 4/E4, UK 2011.

Above: Episode 3 (Mini), QuickTime, 2.8mb.

Original Air Date: 27 January 2011.