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Sony Bravia

Fresh from delving into the archives of World’s First Television moments, Tal was commissioned by Margaret London and Sony Bravia to create a film for an installation to launch their latest ‘world’s first’ TV screens. The products included the thinnest, the fastest, and the smallest screens to hit the market. From Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin , who was the first human in outer space, to Dolly the cloned sheep the film follows a sight-and-sound journey through recent history of innovations and other curious moments. 

Skins Series 3

Format: HD, 3 min 20 sec.

Sound by Tal Rosner.

Commissioned by Margaret London and Sony Bravia, UK 2009.

Above: Sony World Firsts on YouTube.

The film was unveiled at a launch event at the Tramshed Gallery in Old Street, London in January 2009.

With thanks to Clips and Footage and ITN Source.