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STRANGE is the first released track from the new album by industrial rock artist Leigh de Vries. Reflecting the song's futuristic/noir and trance-like tribal qualities, the music promo travels between a rich mix of locations, costumes and make up—where Leigh plays multiple characters in a tale of love, death and resurrection. Tal's added level of meta-narrative, which manifests in a tailor-made grammatical language within the editing and the After Effect work, aims to create a 'state of mind', not in only 'what' you see but also in 'how' you see it.


Format: HD, 5 min.

Music by Leigh de Vries.
Directed by Tal Rosner and Lance Roehrig.

Commissioned by LDV Records, UK 2012.

Above: STRANGE on Vimeo. 

Release Date (Online/Worldwide): 1 November 2012.

Film unit credits:
Directors: Tal Rosner and Lance Roehrig.
Producer: Alexander Holt.
DOP: Aaron Reid.
Stylist: Victor Velvet.
Make-up Artist: Sarah Jane Ellis.
Hair: Robert Masciave.
Choreography: Cameron McMillan.
Minions: Foxy AKA ALIENFOX and Matthew Maldoror.
Editing and After Effects: Tal Rosner.
Grading: Sonny Sheridan at The Farm.