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Stravinsky Easy Pieces

Stravinsky's 3 Easy Pieces (1915) and 5 Easy Pieces (1917) are two sets of pieces for piano duet written for his young children as a teaching tool. In these eight very short movements, playful and child-like, the films show the deconstruction of eight buildings and the patterns created by their over-layered facades in various angles, moving away from and towards the building's original form.

Stravinsky Easy PiecesStravinsky Easy Pieces

3 Easy Pieces
Format: DV, approx. 4 min.
1. March.
2. Waltz.
3. Polka.

5 Easy Pieces
Format: DV, approx. 6 min.
1. Andante.
2. Española.
3. Balalaika.
4. Napolitana.
5. Galop.

Music by Igor Stravinsky.
Pianos: Katia and Marielle Labèque.

Commissioned by KML Foundation, UK-France 2006-7.

Above: 5 Easy Pieces (excerpt), 3. Balalaika and 4. Napolitana, QuickTime, 10.1mb.

Released commercially as Stravinsky/Debussy Two Piano Music CD/DVD (© KML Recordings 1112-1113, 2007).

World Premiere (live performance): July 2008/Pianos: Thomas Adès and Rolf Hind/Gala Opening of Frank Gehry’s Serpentine Gallery Summer Pavilion/London/UK.
World Premiere (screening/5 Easy Pieces): September 2007/Terrain 07/onedotzero_ch/Zurich/Switzerland.