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Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning is the second of Four Sea Interludes, a suite from Peter Grimes by Benjamin Britten. The visual interpretation of the piece takes off from a very simple composition - the edge of a building (looking upwards) and the seam it shares with the sky. Like a clock beginning to tick, the piece starts to develop rhythmically into a celebration of waves, boat masts and birds, increasingly interspersed with spikier and more aggressive shapes which progressively slow the pace down, forcing the various elements to conform.

Sunday MorningSunday Morning

Format: HD Animation, approx. 4 min.

Music by Benjamin Britten.

Commissioned for live performance by Miami's New World Symphony Orchestra, USA 2009.

Above: Sunday Morning (excerpt), QuickTime, 8.9mb.

World Premiere: 9 May 2009/Conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas with The New World Symphony Orchestra/Miami/USA.