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Without You

Inspired by a poem by Josef Albers, Without You is a visual exploration of London's industrial suburbia. Focusing on an imaginary circle drawn at a 10 mile radius from Charing Cross where the natural and man-made environments lie side by side in harmonic indifference, the film follows a colour-coded and surface-determined path where identifiable or 'simple' forms are sculpted and submerged into one another, resolved only through the abstraction of their immense revealed complexity.

Skins Series 3Skins Series 3

Format: HD, 4 min 50 sec.

Sound by Tal Rosner.

Commissioned by Animate Projects for Channel 4 in association with Arts Council England, UK 2008.

Above: Without You on YouTube. 

World Premiere 
(screening): 5 December 2008/Animate Projects at Tate Modern/London/UK.
European Premiere 
(screening): 21 January 2009/International Film Festival Rotterdam/The Netherlands.
North American Premiere 
(screening): 30 April 2009/Tribeca Film Festival/Experimental Shorts Selection/New York/USA.

TV Broadcasts: 
September 2008/Channel 4/UK.
March 2009/Canal +/France.