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Adès/Rosner/In Seven Days DVD
Release date: December 2011
In Seven Days, for Piano and Orchestra with Moving Image is now available on DVD and iTunes. Signum Records in collaboration with the London Sinfonietta have produced a double-pack CD/DVD for the piece, which also includes the videos for Conlon Nancarrow's Player Piano Studies Nos. 6&7 (in collaboration with Sophie Clements) and a DVD extra interview with Tal and Thomas Adès
The Times Review - Link

Click below for the web trailer, edited by Kieran Morris of De Novo Arts.
KML Foundation CD/DVD Box Collection
Release date: November 2010
Tal’s video for Katia and Marielle Labèque’s Stravinsky/Debussy album is now available in a special edition released by KML Recordings. It makes up part of a 5 CDs + 1 DVD collection which celebrates the most important recordings by the internationally acclaimed duo since the label was established in 2007. Tal was the first video artist to be supported by the KML Foundation.